Reasons Why You Should You Wear A Maternity Belt

Pregnancy is a serious matter. Any woman planning or expecting to get pregnant will have to consider her physical, emotional, intellectual, and even financial capabilities. This is due to the fact that pregnancy will affect her total well being. She will have to make a number of adjustments to ensure that she and her baby will enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

It’s All About The Baby In The Belly

One of these many concerns is her growing belly. Most muscle, joints, and other parts near her abdominal area will have to adjust in size, shape, and weight to accommodate the rapidly growing baby inside her belly. These vital and uncontrollable bodily changes may trigger some pains that can make the expectant mother’s life quite challenging.

Her diet will change to supply the daily nutritional requirement of her baby. And as her baby develops, she will gain more weight. The additional weight that she carries in her belly may put pressure on her core muscles. This may also cause some pregnancy-related pains.

Her skin, as well as her uterus, will expand to allow the growing fetus to have more room to grow. This may cause her to stoop and waddle so she could bear the additional weight without feeling any pain. Her pregnancy may also cause extra blood to be collected in her lower extremities and cause her blood vessels to expand. This will add up to the pressure and create constant intermittent pain.

What An Expectant Mother Needs

For these reasons, as well as for all the other accompanying changes that may make her pregnancy quite difficult to manage at times, an expectant mother will be happy to receive all the support her primary and secondary health providers can extend. She will also need to modify a lot of things in her life, including her wardrobe.

Why An Expectant Mother Needs To Have A Pregnancy Belt

A pregnancy belt or a belly band is a piece of maternity accessory that a pregnant mother wears around her abdomen. It serves several functions other than keeping her tight or unzipped pants from falling.

Here are some of the reasons why many expectant mothers have come to love these pregnancy belts.

  1. This piece of pregnancy accessory can provide a soothing and affordable relief to pregnancy pains.
  • Pregnancy bands are designed to provide support to the mother’s belly and her lower back. This lessens lower back discomfort caused by the unbalanced weight in the middle part of the body.
  • It can also provide relief for the symptoms of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) or Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP). These are also common concerns during pregnancy.
  • Wearing a pregnancy belt can also easer hip and pelvic pain caused by the release of the hormone relaxin. This hormone prepares the pregnant woman’s body for labor.
  • It can provide a soothing relief for sciatica. This is also a common nerve pain which can spread down the back or leg.
  • As it helps hold the belly bump, it can ease the tension around the round ligaments. The round ligaments are located around the uterus. They get to be stretch as the baby grows in the uterus. With the belly band supporting the baby bump, tension is lessened and pain is also alleviated.
  1. Wearing a pregnancy band will make it more convenient for a pregnant mother to engage in her daily activities. You will feel a lot more comfortable and at ease as you know that there something under your belly that functions like a second pair of hands that is ready to carry much of your baby’s weight. This relaxes you and allows your body to move freely and without tension in the surrounding muscles. Hence, you feel more engaged and more satisfied with whatever you are doing.
  2. Having a belly band around your waist will encourage your body to maintain a proper posture. It is easy to see why pregnant women stoop or lean forward. This makes them feel comfortable as the added weight tends to pull their body down. But with the help of a belly band, it will be easy for their body to be constantly be reminded to straighten up and lessen the possibility of feeling pain in the lower extremities as the weight (that of the baby and the pregnant woman’s body) that could cause tension in the muscles will be lifted off as the belt send signals to the muscles, joints, and bones to maintain a correct posture.

Maternity Belts Are Made For Short-term Use

Even with these benefits, a pregnant woman should not be overly dependent on belly bands. Hence, doctors recommend wearing these belts for only up to 3 hours. There are many brands that offer different sizes and colors of these maternity support belts. You need to make sure to buy one or two that will fit perfectly and will expand as your baby grows inside your tummy.

Ease Pain And Enjoy A Healthy Pregnancy Even Without Relying On A Pregnancy Belt

There are other ways that you can enjoy your pregnancy even without fully relying on a belly band. If you will constantly create a mental reminder for yourself on these things, you may find soon enough that your body has managed to adjust properly (even without mental cues).

  • Be aware of your posture. Maintaining a good posture is possible if you become sensitive about your body’s position.
  • Regular exercise. With regular exercise, your core muscles will be strengthened. This will allow the body to carry the added weight (of your growing bump) without feeling any tension or discomfort.
  • Learn to do kegels and squats to strengthen your pelvic floor. If you have a health issue such as PGP or SPD, you need to consult your primary health provider for further recommendations, however.
  • Attend a pregnancy Yoga class. This can be a great alternative to other exercises. It will allow your body to remain calm, be relieved of physical discomfort, and even teach your body how to respond with ease to your pregnancy.
  • Use a natural magnesium spray to add to your magnesium intake. Doing this will help relieve muscle pains. It can also help with morning sickness.


A pregnancy belt is one important piece of maternity accessory that can make your pregnancy a lot better. It should only be used for specific health conditions, however, and following a health practitioner’s recommendations.

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