Understanding Your Choice For The Best Underwear For Pregnancy

Pregnancy will bring in a lot of changes to a female body. These developments can be really cumbersome. At times it can even get into your nerves. Majority of your concern will be the bulging belly that grows as your baby grows inside your tummy. The thought of your skin stretching to a length that is far from the usual could perhaps be the strangest thing that can happen to you. At times, you’ll find yourself less attractive with a figure quite different from what you had before. However, if you are able to wear a good fitting underwear, you will find that it will do more wonders for your figure. Not every piece of undergarment can just do that, though. Here are some tips to find the best underwear for pregnancy.

Not only does a good-fitting underwear can make you look good, it can also make you feel better. You could even get the confidence to flaunt however you look.

Pregnancy and the Woman’s Body

When you are pregnant, a lot of changes happen to your body and you just have to make every possible adjustment to accommodate the new shape that you have. You will need to find the most suitable pieces of clothing that will not only provide the comfort that you need but will also support areas of your body that may receive the most pressure because of your pregnancy.

Just how did most parts of your body become so huge? Notice these changes lately?

Bigger hips. As the fetus in your womb develops it positions itself in the uterus month by month so that it can be easily transported from there down to the birth canal where nature has intended it to be ready for delivery a few months later. It’s growing body pushes the pelvic bones is made elastic by a pregnancy hormone called elastin. This hormone is appropriately named for the purpose it was meant for — to relax the cartilages and hold the bones together. It loosens the pubic symphysis, the place on the pubic bone found in front of the bladder where a ring of cartilage attaches the bone together.

Bigger breasts. It is just incomprehensible how a woman’s body prepares itself for its nurturing role. With a baby on the way, the mother’s breasts “increases in its water, fat, and electrolyte content.” Such developments are driven once again by pregnancy hormones (estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin). Throughout your pregnancy, your breasts can grow to up to 3/4 lb (0.338 kg) per breast.

  1. Darker areola, labia, as even moles. Your breast size is not the only thing that changes when you are pregnant. Even the color of your areola and nipples will become darker and bigger, too. The same thing is also true with the labia and even your moles.
  2. Melasma. With the hormones going crazy while you are expecting, it is not difficult to see other parts of your body getting a bit darker. You will also find brownish pigmentation on your face. This is also known as the “mask of pregnancy.”
  3. Stretch marks. This is another normal thing that happens when you are heavy with a baby. As your uterus stretches, so does the skin in your belly. This distends the skin and the underlying layer of the skin, called the dermis, is also stretched beyond its limits and tears. Because of this the deeper layers of the skin wills show through and are seen on the epidermis (the outer layer of the skin) as stretch marks.
  4. Dry or oily nail, hair, and skin. As you might expect, it’s the fluctuating hormones during pregnancy that is the culprit for all these changes.
  5. Emotional changes. Maternal motivation surges during pregnancy. As such, the pregnant mom will have a heightened emotional involvement concerning her and her baby’s condition. That makes it easy to explain why the mother becomes easily stressed-out, especially during her pregnancy.

Ease the discomfort with the perfect fitting undergarments

As you can see, pregnancy is not an easy thing to experience. You may soon be delighted to the fact that your new bundle of joy will soon be near you. While waiting for it to come, reality sets in and you will just have to do whatever you can to compensate for it and feel good that it happened to you.

One of the things that give you much comfort is what you wear next to your skin. These are things that not only can give you the feeling of security but also and the confidence that you can still feel good about your condition no matter what.

The first things that will be of concern to you will be your private parts and, of course, your baby belly. As mentioned earlier, you will be gaining more weight as the months go by. Expecting women usually begin to grow a cup size, even more. As you feel your breasts getting snug into your bra, you will need to find a few that will fit you better. Take it as a sign that you need to buy a new bra.

Tips on how to choose the best underwear for pregnancy

Finding the right brassiere

You can still feel alluring when you wear a charming lingerie during your pregnancy. Simply go for a regular bra. However, you need to make sure that it will be a size bigger. If you would rather buy one that you can use longer than just during pregnancy, opt for maternity bras. These brassieres are made to have wider straps to provide extra support. They are also designed with a soft lining (no under-wire cups) for more comfort. Opt for bra colors that you can wear with any other garments, like beige, white, and black. Finally, you can also look for a bra extender. This will add a few inches to your bra band and will make you feel comfortable even when your breasts grow a cup or two bigger.

As always look for a good quality brand that can provide prompt customer service, so if you have any concerns, you can just go back to the seller and have some quick answers.

Finding the right underwear

There are many options for you to choose from when it comes to pregnancy panties. What you need to consider is the cut and the coverage that you want to have while wearing a pair of it. You can opt for a pair that can go over the belly like the high-cut panties. Note, however, that this style won’t be the most flattering thing you may want to see covering your belly and your private part. But if you need something that can provide a gentle support for your belly as well as your pelvic area, this could be the best option.

You also have the option to go for a lace, cotton, and even an elastic material for your underwear. Some brands that you can search for include Motherhood, Thyme, Belevation, Intimate Portal, and Hoplynn. These are high-quality brands that can provide you with a wide variety of options. Choose a pair or more that will make you feel comfortable and won’t cause any skin irritations.

Pregnancy is a serious matter. Treat yourself well. That includes providing the best even for those parts that are intended to be concealed.

Effective Acne Treatments For Pregnancy

Dr. Yoram Harth, an Israeli dermatologist who has co-invented the blue light acne vulgaris phototherapy and a  radio frequency device for home treatment for wrinkle reduction, says that that there are about 500 million people in the world who have acne,and about 50 million of this are Americans. This makes acne as one of the most common skin problems in the world.

Although this skin condition is non-life threatening, it can cause physical and psychological challenges, such as scarring, poor self-image, and low self-esteem. Moreover, pregnant women are not exempted from having acne. Before this cause you so much trouble, it is good to note that there are effective acne treatments for pregnancy that you can use to treat or keep acne at bay.

What is acne?

Acne is a  skin problem that affects the skin’s oil glands and also hair follicles. The pores in the skin are connected to oil glands located under the skin. These oil glands produce an oily substance known as sebum. The pores are connected to the glands with a canal known as hair follicles. Inside these follicles, sebum carries dead skin cells to the surface of the skin. With each follicle grows out out to the skin a thin hair. There are times when the hair, sebum, and the skin cells clump together and clog the pores. This makes it easy for bacteria to form and cause swelling within the area. A pimple grows when the clogged pore breaks down.

Most of these skin outgrowth are found on the face. They can also grow in the other parts of the body, including the neck, back, chest, and even on the shoulders.

Interesting Facts About Acne

  1. Taking care of your skin may prevent an acne outbreak to become worse.
  2. Severe acne requires a specialist’s attention. Consult a dermatologist for the proper treatment.
  3. Squeezing pimples or acne will exacerbate the condition. Avoid it. Instead consider the tips provided below on how to treat or manage an acne outbreak.
  4. Americans spend more than 1M each year on acne products to treat this condition. Still there are about 40% of those who have this skin problem who do nothing to treat their condition.
  5. There are things that you do that may actually worsen an acne outbreak. These includes excessive washing and brushing, tanning, using too many topical products, and picking or squeezing an eruption.

What causes acne during pregnancy?

The overproduction of hormones in your body causes acne buildup, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy. The good news, however, is that if you don’t see any acne buildup during your early pregnancy, it is most probable that you won’t have them for the rest of your pregnancy.

How to take care of your skin to prevent or treat acne?

We understand the inconvenience that having such a skin condition can bring to a pregnant mother. It is good to know that there are simple things that you can do to keep your skin healthy and say goodbye to acne during pregnancy. Read on to learn more about them.

  1. Baking soda and tea tree oil treatment. If you have acne on your back, you may need to use a backscratcher to clean hard to reach areas of your back. First, wash off your skin with a washcloth lathered with natural soap. Then use some baking soda to apply to areas of your skin where there are acne buildups. After two minutes, rinse with water. Then, pout three five drops of tea tree oil on the washcloth and massage your skin with it. Just leave it on the skin to dry. Do this three times in a day for best results.
  2. Drink water regularly. Water is your first line of defense against pregnancy acne. Keeping toxins out of your body is necessary to prevent skin problems like acne. You can easily do this by drinking 8-10 glasses everyday. This can also keep your skin’s natural moisture and allow it to stay healthy and young-looking.
  3. Maintain a healthy diet. What you eat also contributes much to how your skin’s health will be. Incorporating leafy greens, such as kale, lettuce, cucumber, beets, spinach, and the like will help keep your skin healthy. Taking in foods rich in anti-loxidants will keep your immune system functioning well. This will help ensure that your skin will also be free from free radicals that may cause an acne breakout.
  4. Cleansing Ritual. It is important that you keep your skin clean throughout the day. When you do, use mild cleansers. This will prevent the skin from any irritation while you are cleaning it. When choosing a product to use, you also need to take note of these harmful chemicals: oxybenzone (sometimes labeled as benzophenone), parabens (also listed as one of these on product labels: methyl, propyl, butyl, and ethyl), hydroquinone, artificial fragrances, DHA (dihydroxyacetone), and so on.
  5. Use sunscreen. During pregnancy pigment-producing cells known as melanocytes are on hyper-drive. This makes your skin to get easily burned and also prone to darkening. This requires you to use a sun protection product such as sunscreen. When looking for the best sunscreen, make sure to use one that provides full-coverage. This will keep not only UVB, but also UVA I and UVA II rays (these are the ones that can penetrate the skin and cause it to darken).

A sunscreen with SPF 15 to 50 will also be your best option. You will also need to check if there are harmful ingredients in the product, such as oxybenzone. You need to opt for an oil-free sunscreen as well. Finally, the sunscreen will be best used by rubbing it on the skin and not by spraying. By opting for a sunscreen lotion or cream that you can rub on the skin, you are sure than every inch of the skin is covered with the product. This also ensures that no portion of the product is wasted.

  1. Practice healthy skin care routine. This includes using products that are non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic as they won’t clog the pores. Clogging the pores, as mentioned earlier, causes acne. Allowing products that double the clogging will definitely exacerbate your condition instead of treating it.

You may also need to use clean bedings. Make sure that your hair, skin, and nails are thoroughly clean throughout the day and before you go to bed. Bed sheets, blankets, and pillows also need to be changed regularly to make sure that no dust, mites, bacteria, or germs stay trapped on the things that you use.

  1. Use natural treatment methods to manage and cure acne. There are so many natural ingredients that you can use to treat acne. Aloe Vera, Turmeric, and steam are just a few of them. Using them on your skin will not only be safe, but they will also be healthy for both you and your baby.


If you see early signs of acne, do not fret. Remember these tips and you will soon say hello to an acne-free and healthy skin.