How to Control Postpartum Hair Loss?

Giving birth to a healthy baby will be the most challenging task for a woman. This is the stage in which a woman may face multiple types of hormonal change. These conditions prevail even after delivering a baby. It is obvious that risky challenges sustain both in pre delivery and post delivery conditions. The most common issue which all women face after delivery is hair loss. This type of hair loss is termed as postpartum hair loss. This hair loss complication stands first when a woman faces postpartum pressure. It is mainly due to fluctuating hormones inside the body and sleepless nights.

How to Control Postpartum Hair Loss?

How to solve postpartum hair loss problem

Many women consider this as an unbearable problem. This problem will be notable when women see their hair shedding down through all the places they move. They see their hair on pillows, bathrooms, kitchen, on their combs, inside their bags and so on. This problem will sustain till the hormones move back to the pre-pregnancy levels. This condition will be scary to most of the women who face it as this issue completely changes the appearance of the women. This striking issue can be easily washed away if the new mother follows certain strict rules. The rules are nothing but following healthy diet, peaceful sleep, mild exercise and the most important one among such rule is taking plenty of water.

Apart from these remedies, all new mothers must also concentrate on the external products which are found in the market to reduce hair fall. Using healthy shampoo and oil, using the right comb based upon the density of the hair, applying suitable conditioner at the right time are important tips to be adopted. Shampoos always stand in the frontline and more research should be made to find a best shampoo for postpartum hair loss. Before choosing a shampoo certain points must be taken up to the knowledge and they are

  • Level of hair fall
  • Body temperature
  • Level of biotin in the body
  • Decreasing estrogen level
  • Changing rate of hormones
  • Vitamin deficiency

While choosing a shampoo a new mother must make a detailed survey upon all such points and then she can find out the best shampoo which suits her easily. There are numerous choice found in the market and let us discuss some of the important qualities which a shampoo must have are explained below.

Characteristics of a good shampoo for postpartum hair loss

Organic shampoos

All new mothers will surely cross a stage in which they feed their babies through breast. A baby who gets enough milk from mother will surely have strong immune power which in turn provides a healthy growth. This makes the mother to concentrate highly towards the food which is taken by her and not only foods, importance should be given to all external products used by the new mother. Shampoo stands first among such external products. In order to reduce hair fall, using highly toxic products like shampoos and conditioners will sure affect the mother and babies. So, it is fine to use organic shampoos other than using a chemical one.

Vitamin rich shampoo

There are vitamins which the human hair sucks greatly from the food as those vitamins will increase the growth rate of the hair quickly. B – Vitamin (biotin) is the most needed vitamin for the human hair to grow strongly. While searching for best shampoo for postpartum hair loss it is compulsory to see the ingredients list as it may help to get a brief knowledge upon the products used. So, it is fine to check the ingredients list and find whether the shampoo in rich in biotin and all other vitamins which are highly essential for having healthy hair.

Shampoos accompanied with conditioners

Buying a shampoo from a brand and conditioner from another brand is totally foolish as it rapidly spoils the scalp and the skin of the scalp. Also using high toxic conditioners will affect the hair root system. So finding out the best shampoo accompanied with conditioners are much more important while searching for shampoo for postpartum hair loss.

Concentrate on ingredient list

Picking up a shampoo randomly is big mistake done by many. When this condition is seen with the new mothers, then hair loss issue will raise to be a severe problem with them. Before buying a shampoo it is highly necessary to have a glance over the ingredients used for production. Avoid shampoos having the following toxic chemicals which will sure affect the breastfeeding mothers and also the babies to a greater extent

  • Sulfate
  • Parabens
  • Triclosan
  • Polyethylene glycol

These chemicals are more toxic and it affects both the mother and their child. As a breastfeeding mother she must be conscious in using such toxic products.

Approach a dermatologist

When a mother have confusions in using shampoo to control her hair loss it is best to visit a dermatologist. They will give good guidelines to follow and it will in turn reduce hair loss rate. They will suggest a shampoo for postpartum hair loss.

  • Biotin rich shampoos
  • Omega c complex fish oil shampoos
  • Shampoos having caffeine
  • Aloe and bay leaf shampoos

These are certain essential factors which will give a healthy hair growth without affecting the root, skin and scalp. Having a detailed knowledge on these factors is also enough to pick up the best shampoo for postpartum hair loss by a woman herself.

Popular shampoos in market

Lipogaine shampoo, Alpecin caffeine shampoo, Classic lipogaine shampoo, Ultra labs hair surge shampoo and Revita hair growth shampoo are some of the most popular shampoos found in market. Women suffering postpartum hair loss can choose any one the above named shampoos but it is too important to take suggestions from dermatologist before using these popular shampoos in market.

Go natural

Apart from all the above said factors, it is highly best for a new mother to make homemade shampoos which will be good for both the mother and also the child. Making homemade shampoo will be finally a very good choice rather than choosing a best shampoo for postpartum hair loss in the market.