How Many Times Should I Shave and When to Change the Razors

How you shave is not really something you need to worry about. There is no law that say you have to shave one way. Learn the best way to shave for yourself like I did. I always did thing in my own way anyway. Confident in doing what I wanted or needed to do. Accepting what failures came in. Always, helped me soar through clouds others couldn’t reach. I encourage you to shave with the same attitude. I created a guide for you to follow. Something to give you a quick little shave guide and asst you in a better shave experience.

You Shouldn’t Shave Certain Areas

Sometimes, not shaving is the best course of action. I know you want to look good at all times. Though, there are days when you do too much with skin. You scratch it too much or try to shave over a cut. Your skin is not perfect and when it experiences any problems consider not shaving on that area. For example, using the best shaving cream for bikini area on damaged groins is going to cause pain because skin is not in normal state. Skin sections that have sores, cuts, blood, bits, bumps, scars, red marks, or bruises should not be shaved. Only shave these area if the boss requires it. . Pain erupts when you shave those damaged skin areas. Consequently, wait for the skin to get better. Allow it to get a much better shave.

Further, any individual thinking about shaving their bikini area while skin is damaged should be afraid. The area on your privates and genitals is very delicate. One small rip the wrong way could stop it from working properly. Yeah, you could go to the hospital to get it fixed but what if you don’t have the money? Notably, shave bikini areas when the time is right. You can tell your partner that something came up. I am sure they will understand that you can’t afford medical bills and you want your genitals to last you a long time. Safe yourself a whole lot of trouble by waiting for that bikini area skin to heal up for a relaxing shave.

Best Way to Avoid Skin Irritation When Shaving

Best way to prevent skin from having irritation when shaving is to apply shaving cream. Shaving creams are packaged with moisture and ingredients to make the stiff hairs on face more soft for shaving. Face is also added with water and locked in to make face smoother. In today’s world, there are Different types of shaving cream work for different types of people. Don’t expect one shaving cream to work for everything. It’s all based on your specific skin type. Know whether you have dry, oily, or sensitive skin. This will help you narrow the type of cream you need to shave your face. Not any cream will do for shaving. I use think that until I got tired of nicking my face and showing up to work with small blood cuts.

Those of you interested in shaving your bikini area should also use shaving cream. The best shaving cream for bikini area to be exact. Regular shaving cream might not work for hair on your bikini area. That type of hair acts different because its connected to your sex organs and wants to be different. Anyway, use cream that is designed for it. Make that area’s hair come off in a nice and relaxing way. You don’t want to know what it feels like to have pieces of your you know what cut. Avoid all accidents and blood by using shaving cream designed to remove all hairs on groins.

When to Change that Razor

You know you need to change that razor when you feel that pain. It starts immediately and adding more water to razor is not going to make it go away. At the time of razor getting stuck, is when you need to throw that razor in trash and look for a new one. Shaving cream can help shave but is pretty useless when your razor is rusty. Make that razor cut at its best with a new replacement razor. You can make sure it has many sharp edges on it too. This ensures the shave will be sharper and more accurate when it goes across your face.